Wine with fruit: some of the best wine and fruit parings

Wine with fruit: some of the best wine and fruit parings

Pairing wine with fruit is to connect with the purest and natural products that the land offers and which complement each other perfectly. Definitely worth discovering some good wine pairings with fruit.

There are perfect pairings, which have been incorporated as unbreakable rules. Whenever cheeses, meats and pasta are served, tradition helps to deduce which wine, red or white, would be the best pairing for the dish. However, the pairing wine with fruit appears as a bold combination, unusual. But, knowing some recommendations, there will be no limits to experiencing the challenge of wine with fruit.

Wine with fruit: some of the best wine and fruit parings

Wine with fruit: the rules to pairing

In general, dry wines pair very well with fresh fruit. When you make the selection, it is desirable to choose young wines, without aging in oak and fruity.

White Wines

White wines generally offers excellent options for pairing wine and fruit. When you select the wine and fruit pay special attention to the characteristics of each other. Is it a sweet fruit? Is it acid? Is their flesh pulpy or creamy? In the same way, you have to consider wine. Volume, level of acidity and if it is a dry or a sweet wine.

Once this first step is complete, we can implement the following tips. For sweet wines or even sparkling demi sec, the wild berries and red fruits are an excellent option, as they contrast the sweetness of the wine with the acidity of the fruit. otherwise, dry wines like Garzón Sauvignon Blanc pair well with sweet fruits like bananas, mango and dehydrated fruit. Finally, versatile white wines found between these two examples, like Pinot Grigio, can be served with apples and pears.

The smell are also an attribute that is worth highlighting. An aromatic wine like a Garzon Viognier with peaches and ripe apricots results in a magnificent pairing.

Red Wines

For red wines, it is necessary to combine dense pulp fruits with less voluminous wines; and sweet fruits with dry wines, to create a balance in the palate. In this case, applies the same rule as for white wines. Dry red wines such as Pinot Noir or Merlot pair with sweet fruits, while sweet red wines, such as fortified wine, can combine perfectly with more acidic fruits like kiwi and cherries.

The Pinot Noir is a light red wine that, like some whites, pairs well with bananas and berries.

Avoid pair heavy and complex red wines with fresh fruit, as they will tend to overpower the fruit. For this type of wine, a mix of nuts, in which you can add figs and raisins, is perfect.

Rosé wines, young, fresh and aromatic like Garzón Pinot Noir Rosé are good partner of perfumed and rich fruits, such as peach and melon.

As in every menu of steps, it is appropiate to start with the dry and lightest wines and increase the intensity until reaching the sweets wines and wines with more body. Season fruits are the best choice, for the freshness and sharpness of the flavors. To emphasize the pairing, it is convenient to serve the wines with seasonal fruits and also add some dried fruits, for a greater variety of flavors and aromas.

Pairing wine with fruit is an excellent choice for aperitif, a healthy summer snack or a fresh dessert after an appetizing meal.



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