We are Winery of the Year according to Descorchados 2020

We are Winery of the Year according to Descorchados 2020

Renowned wine guide Descorchados, run by Patricio Tapia, chose Bodega Garzón as 2020 Winery of the Year.

We are deeply proud to start the year with this great news, after being chosen in 2019 as the New World Winery of the Year by Wine Enthusiast, and having obtained LEED certification, becoming the first fully sustainable winery outside North America.

Every year Descorchados guide awards America’s greatest wines and wineries, which are then invited to participate in important events held in Sao Paulo, Miami and New York.

In addition to the outstanding scores obtained by Garzón wines, this year we traveled to present our wines, as Winery of the Year.

We want to thank Patricio Tapia and his team for choosing us and to underscore the work that Bodega Garzón has been carrying out for years to position Uruguayan wines all over the world. 

We share our scores according to Descorchados Guide:

Petit Clos Tannat Block 212 / 2018 / 96 points / Best red Descorchados, best Tannat and best in the Atlantic Coast.

Balasto / 2017 / 95 points / Best red blend Descorchados.

Petit C. Cabernet Sauv. / 2019 / 95 points / Best Cabernet Sauvignon.

Petit Clos Albariño Block 27 / 2019 / 94 points.

Single Vineyard S. Blanc / 2019 / 94 points / Best Sauvignon Blanc.

Single Vineyard Tannat / 2018 / 94 points.

Single Vineyard Petit Verdot / 2018 / 94 points / Best other red varieties.

Estate Pinot Noir Rosé / 2019 / 93 points / Best rosé Descorchados.

Single Vineyard Albariño / 2019 / 93 points.

Reserva Tannat / 2018 / 92 points.     

Single Vineyard Merlot / 2017 / 92 points.    

Reserva Albariño / 2019 / 92 points. 

Cosecha Tardía / 2016 / 92 points.


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