A work of nature shaped by man’s hand

Agroland is a limited agro-industrial company from Uruguay. It owns more than 4.300 hectares consecrated to the production of quality food and forest products and added value. The company carries out state-of-the-art projects to achieve the best results in relation to sustainable initiatives for the provision of services and the elaboration of premium products. Searching for integration in the community is one of the priorities within the company policies, far beyond the effect generated by the high levels of employment.

As is happening now with Uruguayan wines, Garzón has achieved international reputation in the last few years. It is one of the strongest South American regions dealing with the production of extra virgin olive oil, Colinas de Garzón being the most awarded South American product in this category.

AGROLAND S.A. Ruta 9 Km. 175 – Garzón, Maldonado – Uruguay
(+598) 4224 1759 | [email protected]