Wine with seafood: the best pairings

Wine with seafood: the best pairings

In search of the best wines to accompany seafood, the challenge is to find the same freshness of the sea in the glass. A universe of white, rosé and sparkling wines unfolds as an excellent choice of wines to accompany seafood. Today we want to explore in the best pairing for wine with seafood.

vinos para acompañar mariscos

Best pairings for wine with seafood


The Paella

Paella is a typical dish of Spanish cuisine so popular that it has been adapted to the ingredients and styles of the most diverse regions of the world.  The different flavors of the sea that give life to the paella, combined with meat, chickene and sausage, and added to the unmistakable taste of saffron, may seem like obstacles in the searching for the perfect wine. However, pairing a paella is not an impossible mission.  Always a wise choice to pair paella is a semi dry white wine. A light red may be used in the preparation of rice and then accompany the final dish in the glass.

Light wines are recommended to balance the oil used in the preparation of the paella, as well as the itch of garlic and the richness of red meat. Try a Sauvignon Blanc of good acidity like Garzón Sauvignon Blanc or Garzón Albariño with this delicious Spanish dish.


Chardonnay is an excellent option to go with crabs. The subtle taste and delicate sweetness of the crab, together with a dry white wine with fruity notes, such as a Chardonnay, make this pairing a great experience.

The exquisite white meat of these crustaceans, when prepared with vegetables, complements perfectly with another dry white wine, as is the case of the Sauvignon Blanc. Generally speaking, the recommendation is the pairing with a white wine without oak, vivacious, with good acidity and some minerality.


A dish with lobster needs a wine that will match the occasion. The delicate and rich meat of lobster pairing with a white wine of average body, a little complex and with insinuation of aging in wood. Fruit and acidity of the wine will also be desirable because they bring freshness to contrast the lubricity of the butter that often accompanied the lobster cooking. A Chardonnay wine is a good choice. The passage through wood will add roundness to the wine, desirable in the pairing of lobster dishes with a more complex processing.

maridaje vino rosadoShrimp

A cocktail of shrimp and a glass of rosé wine create a perfect synchrony that exceeds the chromatic. Rosés are excellent wines to accompany seafood, since their versatility allows to find them of different intensities and more or less sweet. When choosing a rosé wine that is very fresh and dry, it achieves an incredible contrast with the subtle sweetness of the seafood. The Pinot Noir Rosé Bodega Garzón is an excellent choice. Pleasant, refreshing and with a long mouth, it has all the characteristics that highlight the flavors of a plate of fresh shrimp. A rosé is also a great pairing for seafood dishes made with spicy ingredients or asian cuisine style.


The sparkling wine refers to celebration and, undoubtedly, being in front of an exquisite plate of caviar is no less than festive. While it is not a seafood, caviar is a sea flavor that is worth including in this list.

For a sophisticated snack of caviar, the bubbles of an extra brut sparkling wine imply an unsurpassed pairing. The effervescence of the sparkling wine in contrast with the velvety texture and delicate taste of the caviar will undoubtedly be a marriage to remember.

Sparkling wines, in general, are perfect wines to accompany seafood dish. However avoid choosing the high-grade sugar, which overshadow the charming sweetness of the seafood.


The firm texture of the meat of the bivalves, along with its saline reminiscences and light sweetness, pair with young white wines of marked acidity and notes of citrus and minerals. To combine the salinity of molluscs, the Spanish Verdejo is ideal and, in our latitudes, a Pinot Grigio exceptionally fulfills the task. Garzón Pinot Grigio to pair clams, oysters and cockles. In the case of mussels, you can choose a white with aging, as Albariño Reserva, which presents a minerality, complexity and elegance ideal for a fresh mussels dish.

A range of white wines, sparkling wines and rosés are the best wine options for seafood pairing. If you want to choose a red wine, pick out a young wine with few tannins and good acidity. The pairing will not fail.

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