Asado: learn to cook the original uruguay asado

Asado: learn to cook the original uruguay asado

If you visit Uruguay there is a dish that you can not fail to taste and that is part of the identity of all Uruguayans: the Uruguay asadouruguayan grill or uruguayan barbecue (lot of way to name it!). A mixture of different cuts of meat cooked under the intense heat of the embers.

How to prepare the Uruguayan Grill – Uruguay Asado

The first thing to keep in mind when you are preparing a uruguayan grill is the state of the barbecue in which we will cook the beef. It is always necessary to perform a good cleaning on fire to leave the place where we will support the meat as clean as possible and without any grease and ashes that may have remained from previous roasts.

Uruguay Asado


Once we have the grill in perfect condition, we will light the fire using firewood, as this, when consumed, will release the embers that will serve to cook the meat. Importantly, coking coal is traditionally not used in Uruguay. This is an important detail as it substantially changes the flavor of this Uruguay Asado and is one of the main differences of the Uruguayan grill compared to the asado of other countries.

Once the wood has started to burn and start to put out embers, they are spread along the base of the grill. Then, put the meat on top, but taking care not to get too close to the embers so as not to rush the cooking process which may even last a few hours.

The big secret used by the great steakhouses is never cut the meat to know its point. It is recommended to use a fork to prick it gently and thus prevent it from losing juices. Another great secret is to use “chimichurri” during cooking. This is a specially prepared sauce and also a tradition of local cuisine that includes several ingredients such as oregano, garlic, ground pepper, salt, oil and vinegar.

asado uruguayo brasas

The most common types of meat cuts that can be found on a grill are asado de tira, steak, the colita de cuadril, the vacío or pulpón. Typical meat cuts of Uruguay.

Once the uruguay Asado has been cooked properly it is only to enjoy it. Uruguayan grill is usually side with salads or “achuras”, among the most common are chorizo, blood sausage, chinchulín or sweetbread.

The Asado, reason for meeting

In addition to the delicious flavors that we can taste in a uruguayan grill, this tradition is also a reason for meeting with family or friends. The “eating an asadito” works as an excuse to get together and spend a pleasant time around the grill fire. They are ideal occasions to meet, catch up, tell stories and enjoy of great anecdotes.

The Uruguayan Grill Experience

At Bodega Garzón you can enjoy a delicious Uruguay Asado in Sabores de Campo Experience. An adventure that will take you first to know the Boutique Plant Elaboration of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, followed by a tour through our olive fields and then enjou an exquisite lunch with specially selected meats prepared for the occasion.

asado uruguayo sabores de campo



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