Wine labels: learn to read them with Bodega Garzón

Wine labels: learn to read them with Bodega Garzón

Learn how to read wine labels with these simple tips from Bodega Garzón. From now on, no wine will be strange to you.

Learning to read a wine labels

The wine label gives us important information to keep in mind at the time of your choice. Below we present the main data contained in a wine label and what they mean. A brief guide to not feel a rookie when choosing.

wine labels - etiquetas de vino

  • Brand: In general, is what stands out in the wine labels. Thi is the name of the winery, the commercial name.
  • Designation of origin: It refers to the origin of the wine, either to the country of origin or can be even more specific and name the region.
  • Variety: This information is about the variety of grapes used in the elaboration. Some examples of the variety are Tannat, Pinot Noir and Marselan, among many other options.
  • Year: On every wine label is the year of the harvest. This fact is of paramount importance, since the climatic conditions of a year are key and affects the quality of the drink.
  • Graduation: it is the percentage of alcohol and it’s mandotory this data appears in the label. In the case of wine, values range from 10% to 15%. Our Albariño Reserva 2016 presents a graduation of 14.5%, for example.
  • Capacity: This data refers to the capacity of the bottle or the quantity or volume of our beverage. In the case of wines the large majority of bottles presents in 750 milliliters.

This information we introduce you can find it on the front wine labels. Many wines offer useful information on the back label at the back of the bottle. In this back wine labels you can find expanded information as descriptive texts that tell us about the notes that stand out in the wine, and characteristics such as body and color. Also you can find in the back wine labels pairing suggestions. We hope this post has been useful to feel a little more expert when facing the choice of your next wine.

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