Uruguay food: 5 typical uruguayan dishes

Uruguay food: 5 typical uruguayan dishes

The uruguayan cuisine is in search of its identity, still twin of Argentina both are the result of the fusion between Italian and Spanish cuisine, the sum of Creole cuisine and of other countries. This diversity of contributions is one of the differentiating factors of the cuisine rioplatense to that the rest of Latin America. Faced with this gastronomic reality of Uruguay, it is difficult to establish which food dishes represent one or the other coast of the Rio de la Plata. But in this post I am willing to decree (controversial), 5 typical dishes of Uruguay food.

Uruguay Food
The parrillada: The barbecue is perhaps the favorite Uruguay food. What is important to emphasize that is the cooking is done with the embers of the wood, in fact there is a procedure for the preparation of the fire and the cooking of the meat, which goes beyond the classic conception of the grill. Meats usually beef or pork meat are cooked slowly until tender, juicy and with a unique flavor. In Montevideo, as in other parts of the interior of the country, it is easy to find restaurants, bars and food centers where the tasting of roasted meats is the main menu.

The choripán or chorizo al pan: The pork sausage to the bread accompanied by lettuce and tomato, with several sauces. The choripán is very popular as street Uruguay food, and generally is tasted in “Carritos de Comida” (similar to food trucks in the street). Its proliferation was due to the commercial success in the 70’s of “El Galleguito”, a ‘carritos’ company that offered the customer to add to the choripán all kinds of condiments and accompaniments.

The chivito: The chivito, is a sandwich stuffed with very thin slices of beef, vegetables, cheese, olives, egg and dressings like mayonnaise or ketchup. Accompanied by French fries, Russian salad or other side dishes. One variation is the Canadian Chivito that adds to the traditional, bacon. The creation of this food is attributed to Antonio Carbonaro, owner in the 40’s of the missing restaurant “El Mejillón” in Punta del Este.

The empanada of Uruguay, is a typical food of Uruguay very similar to the empanada of Argentine. It is a thin dough based that is cooked fried or baked stuffed with various ingredients selected by the origin country of the person preparing them. There are many shops throughout the country under the “Delivery” denomination that offer an infinite number of variations, based on the combination of ingredients used in Spanish and Italian cuisine.

The torta frita is a variant of the sopaipilla or chipá. Its specific feature is that it is a dough cooked in a fatty liquid, animal or vegetable. The basic ingredients are: wheat flour, salt, fat or oil and water. In Montevideo, the food trucks in the street selling torta fritas has had so much boom in time that today the sellers have been grouped in a union denominated Association of Tortafriteros of Uruguay.


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