Travelling to Uruguay: the best destinations

Travelling to Uruguay: the best destinations

Uruguay is a small country that offers a large number of tourist destinations. It shares borders with the two South American giants: Argentina and Brazil. With an area of only 176,215 m2, and a population of 3,286,314 people, it offers ideal places to relax, and enjoy the local cuisine and wonderful landscapes that can be found along the shores of the River Plate and the Atlantic Ocean.

Colonia del Sacramento: a great excuse to travel to Uruguay

This beautiful town is located in the Department of Colonia, just 177 kilometres away from Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, and 50 kilometres from the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Its historic quarter was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995, attracting thousands of tourists. It was founded in 1680 by Manuel Lobo, and it was the first European settlement and the oldest town in Uruguay. Visitors come here to relish in the beauty of its cobblestone streets, which have remained intact since the colonial times.

The Old Town, the Street of Sighs, the Lighthouse and the Citadel Gate are among its most attractive highlights.

Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay

Montevideo: a capital city surrounded by the sea

It is the capital of the country, host to most of Uruguay’s population, and an industrial and commercial hub. However, it is still a very attractive city for tourism, as it offers different options for relaxation and pleasure, and features a wide range of first-class hotels.

Montevideo’s main tourist attraction is its seafront and its beaches, which can be enjoyed all along the city. But there are other unmissable things to do, such as having lunch at Mercado del Puerto, where you can enjoy a full selection of top-quality grilled meats.

Montevideo, Uruguay

Punta del Este: the most popular destination

It is the main seaside resort in Uruguay and one of the most important in Latin America. Located in the Department of Maldonado, during the summer this city is a favourite for tourists from around the world who flock to Punta del Este for its beaches, its excellent cuisine, and its multiple nightlife options.

Around the world, Punta del Este is synonymous with glamour. This can be best appreciated in January, when a large number of local and international famous people are spotted enjoying the peace and scenic beauty of the resort by paparazzi.

Casapueblo, the harbour seafront, Gorlero Avenue, and La Barra, among others, are some of the major highlights in Punta del Este.

Punta del Este, Uruguay

José Ignacio: a small and exclusive town

<José Ignacio has been one of the fastest-growing seaside resorts in Uruguay in recent years. Surrounded by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, it is a small town that perfectly combines unparalleled scenery with first-class cuisine. It has two main beaches, the Mansa and the Brava, where thousands of tourists arrive each summer to enjoy the sand and the water, and to engage in various water sports, such as surfing.

Very close to José Ignacio there is the small Pueblo Garzón town, which is host to Bodega Garzón, a spectacular undertaking that has transformed wine and culinary tourism in Uruguay. There you can enjoy unforgettable experiences and a selection of premium wines made with emblematic varieties such as Albariño and our classic Tannat.

Bodega Garzón, Uruguay

Cabo Polonio: the perfect combination of relaxation and nature

The Department of Rocha is privileged to have a number of seaside resorts that are envied for the beauty of their beaches. Cabo Polonio is one of them, a tourist destination that is unique in the world and always surprises visitors. The only way to access this small village of just 55 inhabitants is by trucks that have been specially adapted to pierce the heavy sand. A stay there becomes an adventure, as there is no access to electricity or running water. This makes the night of Cabo Polonio something magical, as the village is illuminated only by moonlight. When the moon hides, the entire Milky Way can be seen on the sky.

Cabo Polonio’s North and South beaches are known for the quality and purity of their water, which comes directly from the Atlantic Ocean and brings along a dense population of sea lions, making this place one of the largest reserves of this species in the world.

Viajar Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

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