Tango uruguayo and its 10 more popular songs

Tango uruguayo and its 10 more popular songs

One of the reasons why Uruguay is recognized in different parts of the world is because of its music. Murga, candombe and tango are part of the culture of the country. Today we invite you to know a little more about the Tango uruguayo.

Tango uruguayo, music full of nostalgia

The Tango uruguayo is composed of two fundamental elements: music and dance. Characteristic of the Rio de la Plata, especially of the cities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo, the tango has its roots in other musical styles like the Cuban habanera, the candombe, the andalusian tango, the milonga, the mazurka and the European polka.

tango uruguayo

The main features of this genre is that their songs usually have a binary form (theme and chorus) or ternary (two parts to which a trio is added). The execution of this music can be carried out with the combination of diverse musical instruments, being the most classic the guitar and the bandoneon.

The tango introduced a sensual dance to the twentieth century, with a couple who embrace melt and let themselves be carried by this rhythm, generating a deep emotional relationship of each person with their own body and the bodies of the dancers between themselves.

The lyrics of the tangos are written in a local language from the Rio de la Plata land called ‘lunfardo’ and often express the emotions and sadness that feel men and the women especially in subjects related to love.

The most outstanding artists of this genre are great composers, whose voices are already part of the identity of the Rio de la Plata. Some of them very well known are Carlos Gardel, Ignacio Corsini, Hugo del Carril, Anibal Troilo and the great Ástor Piazzolla.

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In Uruguay, one of the most renowned tango singers was Julio Sosa, also known as “The varón of the Tango”. This artist reached the splendor of his fame in the decades of 50 ‘and 60’, both in Montevideo and Buenos Aires. His most famous tangos are: Justo el 31, Bien bohemio, Mala suerte, ¡Quién hubiera dicho!, Padrino pelao, Cambalache, La cumparsita, El firulete, La gayola y Rencor.

We recommend listening this music genre and enjoy their lyrics next to a glass of tannat of Bodega Garzón. The perfect pairing to listen the tango uruguayo.

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