Colinas de Garzón receives five awards at the CuyOliva competition

Colinas de Garzón receives five awards at the CuyOliva competition

Once again, Colinas de Garzón has been recognized with some of the greatest awards given at the CuyOliva Internacional 2015 competition held last November in Mendoza, Argentina.

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The Mendoza Olive Chamber (Argentina), jointly with other institutions from said country, organised a new edition of the extra virgin olive oil competition entitled CuyOliva Internacional, whose aim is to draw attention to the quality of extra virgin olive oils produced around the world, and promote their use and health benefits.

At the ninth CuyOliva Internacional 2015 competition, recently held in Mendoza, several Colinas de Garzón oils were awarded the prize called Great Gold, and our bivarietal blend oil made with Arbequina and Coratina olives obtained a 96.2 score. The latter was declared Best Oil of the Contest, and it also made us the producers with the highest score ever awarded in the event.

The prizes awarded at the competition are the following:

– Extra virgin olive oils that score higher than 75 receive the Silver Olive award.


– Extra virgin olive oils that score higher than 85 receive the Golden Olive Award.


– Winning oils in each category that score higher than 90 receive the Great Gold award, and the oil with the highest score receives the Merit Badge.

The winners in each category are included in the newsletter of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Mendoza. Therefore, 44 countries will be notified that Colinas de Garzón received five major awards at CuyOliva Internacional 2015:

Colinas de Garzón Coratina and Arbequina Bivarietal Blend: Great Gold, Best Oil of the Contest and Merit Badge to the highest historical score.


Colinas de Garzón Trivarietal: Great Gold award


Colinas de Garzón Frantoio & Leccino Italian Blend: Great Gold award


Colinas de Garzón Olio Novo: Great Gold award


Colinas de Garzón Picholine Monovarietal: Great Gold award

The winners in each category are allowed to place stickers showing the award obtained on the bottles of the prize-winning batch. This provides consumers with additional information about the product.

Colinas de Garzón, the most widely recognized oil producer in Uruguay, has received several national and international awards that attest to its commitment to quality since the day it was founded.

Olive oil consumption has increased as people have become more aware of the importance of good eating and health. Please come to our Boutique Plant for a once in a lifetime experience, and learn more about the world of extra virgin olive oil by joining our tourist programme The Great Connoisseur: a sensory tasting session that can be enjoyed through the five senses.

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