5 cocktails with white wine for every occasion

5 cocktails with white wine for every occasion

Cocktails with white wine - Sauvignon BlancWhite wine usually accompanies meetings with friends during the day and also at night, but today the trend is that although it may seem a heresy, white wine can also become the ingredient that when mixed with other drinks allows the creation of those cocktails that have finally conquered the scene and accompany unforgettable moments. Are they more refreshing than other preparations? The truth is that examples and recipes have multiplied. Let’s see below 5 cocktails with white wine very easy to prepare and you can undoubtedly distinguish a meeting. Enjoy it!

Cocktails with white wine

Strawberry Glass

Ingredients for 12 people

600 grams of fresh strawberries
3 bottles of strawberry vodka
750 ml white wine
750 ml of Sparkling Wine or Champagne

Preparation: Place the well-washed and dried strawberries in a bucket of punch. Pour the vodka and let stand for 30 minutes in the refrigerator. Then add the white wine and stir. Finally before serving add the ice and sparkling wine or Champagne.

Glasses of white wine and melon

Ingredients for 6 people

1 small melon
1 glass of white wine
1 tablespoon honey
1 lemon’s juice
2 pinches of salt
1 slice of serrano ham

Preparation: Cut the melon into pieces and remove the seeds. Remove the pulp and place in a food processor or blender. Add the wine, the honey, the lemon juice and the pinch of salt. Then store in the refrigerator for fifteen minutes. On the other hand, put the slice of serrano ham on a plate covered with two sheets of kitchen paper. Cook in the microwave for a few seconds until the ham is dry. Finally, crumble by hand the dry ham and distribute over the cocktail. It’s ready to serve in glasses.

Madreselva Glass

Ingredients for 4 people

1 bottle of white wine demisec
2 tablespoons honey
2 tablespoons Benedictine liqueur
150 ml cognac
750 ml of lemonade
1 peeled and sliced peaches
Fruits for decoration

Preparation: Put the honey in a large recipient that allows you to mix all the ingredients and pour the wine. Add the tablespoons of liquor and cognac. Let cool for 2 hours. Finally, just before serving, mix with lemonade and peach. Decorate the glasses with fruit.

Green apple 

cocktails with white wine

Ingredients for 1 person

10 cl of white wine
5 cl of mint tea
1 trickle of vodka
Some mint leaves and apple slices to decorate

Preparation: Stir the tea with the vodka, wine and ice to taste. Decorate the glass with the mint leaves and the slices of apple.

Le Palme

Ingredients for 1 person

10 cl of white wine
5 white rum
2 spoonfuls of cognac
2 tablespoons lemon juice

Mix ingredients in food processor or blender with ice cubes and serve.




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